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Project Title: Novella

Project Overview:

The project focuses on establishing a comprehensive Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure within the Promenade Building, designed to support the current and future needs of electric vehicle users.

Key Contributions:

  • EV Charging Station Wiring:
    • Executed the installation of a comprehensive wiring infrastructure tailored to support multiple EV charging stations across the premises.
  • Rough-in of 65 EV-Ready Charging Boxes:
    • Deployed 65 EV-ready charging boxes to meet the escalating demand for electric vehicles at the facility.
  • Junction Boxes:
    • Installed strategically placed junction boxes that improve the connectivity and assure an optimal power distribution to the charging units.
  • Communication Networking Equipment:
    • Incorporated cutting-edge communication networking technology to enable effective interaction among all charging stations.

Innovative Approach:

The installation featured advanced communication technologies, which underline the load balancing and load sharing capabilities between the charging stations. This strategic incorporation elevated the functionality, efficiency and sustainability of the EV charging facilities.


Through meticulous implementation, the project has successfully established a resilient and scalable EV charging system that not only supports current demand but is strong enough for future expansions. This system ensures equitable power distribution and maximizes the operational efficiency of the EV charging infrastructure at the Promenade Building.

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