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Project Title: West Pender Place

Project Overview:

This project details the installation of an advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at the Promenade Building, focusing on creating a strong, sustainable system for the increasing number of electric vehicles.

Key Contributions:

  • EV Charging Station Wiring”
    • Installation of comprehensive electrical wiring infrastructure to support multiple EV charging stations.
  • Rough-in of 200 EV-Ready Charging Boxes:
    • Prepared infrastructure to support 200 EV-ready charging boxes, facilitating future expansions and adaptations.
  • Junction Boxes
    • Installation of strategically positioned junction boxes to ensure seamless connectivity and optimal power distribution.
  • Communication Networking Equipment:
    • Integration of advanced communication networking equipment to establish smart communication between all charging stations.

Innovative Approach:

The project utilized state-of-art communication technology to allow for smart load balancing and load sharing across charging station. This innovative approach facilitates efficient power management and enhances the sustainability of the electrical infrastructure.


The successful implementation of this project has resulted in a scalable, efficient, and reliable EV charging infrastructure at the Promenade Building. It ensures a reasonable distribution of power among charging stations, optimizing energy use and preparing the facility for future demand as the adoption of electric vehicles grows.

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