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Project Title: Avant

Project Overview:

This initiative includes the development of a sophisticated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network at the Promenade Building, tailored to meet the building’s current and future EV requirements efficiently.

Key Contributions:

  • EV Charging Station Wiring:
    • Accomplished the setup of an extensive wiring system dedicated to supporting multiple EV charging stations throughout the building.
  • Rough-in of 48 EV-Ready Charging Boxes:
    • Fitted 48 EV-ready charging boxes, designed to cater to the increasing use of electric vehicles within the premises.
  • Junction Boxes:
    • Installed key junction boxes in strategic locations to promote seamless connectivity and ideal power distribution across the charging stations.
  • Communication Networking Equipment:
    • Implemented top-tier communication networking equipment to facilitate effective communication among all EV charging stations.

Innovative Approach:

Leveraging state-of-the-art communication technology, the project incorporates a comprehensive system for load balancing and load sharing. This advanced method allows for an intelligent and efficient management of electrical loads, optimizing power distribution and usage across the facility’s charging infrastructure.


The project successfully delivered a strong, future-proof EV charging system that not only meets the current demand but is also scalable for anticipated growth. The implementation of innovative technologies ensures a balanced and efficient distribution of electrical power, improving the overall effectiveness and sustainability of the EV charging capabilities at the Promenade Building.

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