Completed On
August 2019

Project Title: Lululemon Electrical Infrastructure and System Project

Project Overview:

In August 2019, TDR Electric completed an essential electrical project for Lululemon, a leader in the athletic apparel industry. This project required a focused approach to support the dynamic and innovative environment of Lululemon. Our team was responsible for developing a comprehensive electrical infrastructure, installing a commercial electrical system tailored to the needs of a retail space, and setting up a framework for ongoing electrical maintenance. The aim was to create an electrical setup that supported the operational efficiency and customer experience that Lululemon is known for.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Infrastructure:
    • Designed and installed a robust electrical infrastructure to meet the demands of a busy retail environment.
  • Commercial Electrical System:
    • Implemented a customized electrical system, ensuring reliable and efficient power distribution throughout the store.
  • Electrical Maintenance:
    • Established a consistent maintenance schedule to guarantee the safety and longevity of the electrical systems.


Innovative Approach:

The project at Lululemon highlights TDR Electric’s capability to deliver specialized electrical solutions in the retail sector. Our approach focused on creating an electrical system that was not only functional but also conducive to the high-energy and customer-focused environment of a leading athletic apparel store.



The completion of the electrical project for Lululemon underscores TDR Electric’s expertise in the retail industry. Our work provided Lululemon with a reliable, efficient, and safe electrical setup, enhancing both the operational aspects of the store and the overall shopping experience. This project reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality electrical solutions that align with the unique needs and brand ethos of our clients.

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