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NSDA Architects – Vancouver
Completed On
August 2019

Project Title: NSDA Architects – Vancouver Electrical and Solar Systems Project

Project Overview:

In August 2019, TDR Electric completed a comprehensive electrical project for NSDA Architects, a prominent architectural firm based in Vancouver. This project entailed the installation of an advanced electrical infrastructure, including the integration of solar systems, and setting up a routine for ongoing electrical maintenance. The primary objective was to create an electrical setup that not only supports the firm’s day-to-day operations but also aligns with their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Infrastructure:
    • Installed a modern and efficient electrical infrastructure to cater to the needs of an architectural office.
  • Solar Systems:
    • Integrated solar power systems, contributing to the firm’s sustainability goals and reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Electrical Maintenance:
    • Established a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the optimal performance and safety of the electrical and solar systems.


Innovative Approach:

This project for NSDA Architects showcases TDR Electric’s ability to incorporate renewable energy solutions into commercial settings. Our focus was on delivering an electrical setup that was not only efficient and reliable but also environmentally conscious, reflecting the innovative spirit of an architectural firm.



The completion of the electrical and solar systems project for NSDA Architects represents TDR Electric’s commitment to providing advanced and sustainable electrical solutions. Our work has enabled the firm to enhance its operational efficiency and embrace renewable energy, showcasing our expertise in catering to the unique requirements of environmentally conscious clients in the architectural sector.

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