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January 2021

Project Title: Air Canada Center LED Lighting Upgrade

Project Overview:

Completed in January 2021, TDR Electric undertook a monumental LED lighting upgrade project at the Air Canada Center, in partnership with Radiance Energy. This extensive project involved the replacement of over 6000 fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting across the entire facility, including maintenance areas, offices, training centers, and the hangar. The primary objective was to significantly enhance energy savings and operational efficiency. Radiance Energy led the energy audit and managed the savings aspect, while TDR Electric was responsible for the complete installation process.


Key Contributions:

  • LED Lighting Upgrade:
    • Replaced over 6000 fixtures with LED lights, significantly reducing energy consumption and improving lighting quality.
  • Comprehensive Facility Coverage:
    • Ensured every area of the facility, from the hangar to the training center, was equipped with the new lighting system.
  • Energy Efficiency Partnership:
    • Collaborated with Radiance Energy to maximize energy savings and facilitate the BC Hydro submission process.


Technological Innovations:

The project exemplifies TDR Electric’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. The transition to LED lighting in a facility of this scale showcases our capability in managing large-scale, eco-friendly lighting upgrades.



The LED lighting upgrade at the Air Canada Center marks a significant achievement in energy efficiency and sustainability. This project not only improved the lighting quality across the facility but also resulted in considerable energy savings, aligning with modern environmental standards. Our successful partnership with Radiance Energy and the comprehensive execution of the project highlight TDR Electric’s expertise in delivering large-scale, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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