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Project Title: Karma Lounge Renovation at Paradox Hotel

Project Overview:

The Karma Lounge project, nestled within the Paradox Hotel, involved a full-scale renovation of the 5,000 square feet space. TDR Electric spearheaded the project, focusing on installing new electrical distribution systems and modernizing the lounge to meet the highest standards. Our responsibilities included the overhaul of the fire alarm system, data and communications infrastructure, and AV equipment installation. We also implemented advanced lighting and control systems, all achieved through our value engineering approach, ensuring the project was delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Distribution:
    • Upgraded and installed new electrical distribution systems to support the lounge’s dynamic environment.
  • Low Voltage, Data, and Communications Systems:
    • Integrated state-of-the-art low voltage, data, and communication systems for seamless operations and connectivity.
  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Overhauled the fire alarm system, ensuring the safety of guests and staff with the latest technology.
  • Lighting and Controls:
    • Customized lighting solutions with advanced controls to enhance the lounge’s ambiance and energy efficiency.
  • Value Engineering:
    • Applied value engineering principles to optimize the project’s performance while managing costs and resources effectively.
  • AV Equipment Installation:
    • Installed sophisticated AV equipment, contributing to the lounge’s modern entertainment experience.


Technological Innovations:

The Karma Lounge renovation is a showcase of TDR Electric’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology in entertainment spaces. Our approach in integrating advanced electrical systems and AV solutions demonstrates our capability to transform traditional spaces into modern, high-tech environments.



The transformation of Karma Lounge at Paradox Hotel stands as a testament to TDR Electric’s expertise in executing complex renovations in hospitality venues. By integrating advanced electrical systems and modern technology, we have elevated the lounge experience, creating a space that perfectly blends luxury, safety, and innovation. The project not only met but exceeded the expectations for a contemporary entertainment venue, further cementing our reputation as leaders in electrical solutions for the hospitality industry.

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