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Completed On
March 2021

Project Title: Craft Beer Market Heritage Building Renovation

Project Overview:

The Craft Beer Market Heritage Building Renovation project involved the transformation of an existing heritage structure into a modern and efficient space for the Craft Beer Market. Our team undertook comprehensive electrical restructuring, including the installation of a new 1200 amp distribution system and the construction of a dedicated electrical room. This initiative also encompassed intricate work on AV pathways, lighting controls, low-voltage wiring for data and communications, structured cabling, and innovative electrical solutions for automated patio blinds.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Restructuring:
    • Restructured the entire wiring system of the heritage building to meet modern standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency.
  • New 1200 Amp Distribution:
    • Implemented a new 1200 amp distribution system to support the increased electrical demands of the Craft Beer Market, enhancing the building’s capacity for various electrical applications.
  • Electrical Room Construction:
    • Built a dedicated electrical room to house the new distribution system, providing a centralized and secure space for electrical infrastructure.
  • AV Pathways and Coordination:
    • Coordinated with AV equipment to establish efficient AV pathways, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of audio-visual systems within the Craft Beer Market.
  • Full New Lighting Controls:
    • Installed a comprehensive lighting control system, allowing for precise control over the lighting environment to enhance ambiance and energy efficiency.
  • Low Voltage Wiring and Structured Cabling:
    • Implemented low-voltage wiring for data and communications, along with structured cabling to support the Craft Beer Market’s technology needs.
  • Automated Patio Blinds with Sensors:
    • Engineered and executed the electrical work for automated patio blinds equipped with sensors, enabling the blinds to close automatically in windy conditions. This innovative solution enhances customer comfort and protects the outdoor space.


Technological Innovations:

The Craft Beer Market Heritage Building Renovation embraced technological advancements to create a modern and efficient space. From sophisticated lighting controls to automated patio blinds with sensor technology, the project reflects a commitment to integrating cutting-edge solutions to enhance both functionality and sustainability.



The Craft Beer Market Heritage Building Renovation has successfully revitalized the space, blending the charm of a heritage building with the functionality and efficiency required by modern establishments. The integration of advanced electrical systems, AV coordination, and innovative solutions like automated patio blinds has elevated the Craft Beer Market to a new level of sophistication, providing patrons with a unique and enjoyable experience in a historically rich environment.

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