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Completed On
June 2019

Project Title: Sophos Cybersecurity Office Build-Out

Project Overview:

In June 2019, TDR Electric completed an extensive 16,000 square feet office build-out for Sophos, a leading cybersecurity company, in downtown Vancouver. This project, commissioned by Keyworth Projects, demanded high-level technical expertise due to Sophos’ advanced security requirements. The focal point was the construction of a secure server room, akin to a vault, possibly reinforced with steel to prevent unauthorized access. We undertook the installation of top-tier Cat6A cabling and a comprehensive commercial electrical system, essential for the high-tech operations of a cybersecurity firm.


Key Contributions:

  • Cat6A Cabling:
    • Installed over 400 data drops using high-specification Cat6A cabling, ensuring superior data transmission speeds and reliability.
  • Commercial Electrical System:
    • Developed and implemented a robust commercial electrical system, tailored to support the intensive technological demands of a cybersecurity office.
  • Electrical Infrastructure:
    • Constructed a fortified electrical infrastructure, emphasizing security and efficiency.
  • Secure Server Room:
    • Created a highly secure server room, with enhanced structural integrity, essential for the protection of sensitive data.


Technological Innovations:

This project highlighted TDR Electric’s capability to meet sophisticated technological requirements. The use of Cat6A cabling and the construction of a secure server room demonstrate our expertise in handling specialized and high-security electrical installations, particularly in the tech industry.



The Sophos office build-out is a benchmark project in TDR Electric’s portfolio, showcasing our ability to deliver complex and secure electrical solutions for high-tech clients. Our work not only met but exceeded the stringent specifications required by a top-tier cybersecurity firm, ensuring a secure, efficient, and technologically advanced workspace for Sophos.

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