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Project Title: Rowan Daycare – City of Burnaby

Project Overview:

TDR Electric was a key contributor to the construction of Rowan Daycare , a notable project for the City of Burnaby. This development stood out due to its execution under the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model. This collaborative approach brought together architects, engineers, general contractors, and sub-trades to design and construct. Our team participated in weekly collaborative sessions in the ‘big room’, emphasizing a team-oriented approach to planning and execution, contrary to traditional tender processes.


Key Contributions:

  • Integrated Project Involvement:
    • Engaged actively in the IPD model, bringing electrical expertise to the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Electrical System Installation:
    • Oversaw all aspects of the electrical installation, ensuring Rowan’s Daycare was equipped with functional and safe electrical systems.
  • Collaborative Design Contribution:
    • Played a significant role in the joint design process, guaranteeing the seamless integration of electrical systems with the overall building design.


Innovative Approach:

The construction of Rowan Daycare showcases TDR Electric’s capability to adapt and excel in innovative construction methodologies. Our involvement in the IPD process highlights our dedication to collaborative work, leading to efficient and effective project outcomes.



The completion of Rowan’s Daycare stands as a symbol of the effectiveness of the IPD model and TDR Electric’s collaborative skills. This project resulted in a modern, well-equipped , custom-designed to meet the City of Burnaby’s specific requirements. Our participation in this complex construction project demonstrates our flexibility and expertise in the electrical aspects of commercial building projects.

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