Completed On
September, 2019

Project Title: Moose Knuckles Store Electrical Installation

Project Overview:

In September 2019, TDR Electric completed an electrical project for Moose Knuckles, a prestigious brand known for its high-quality sportswear, in collaboration with Sajo. Moose Knuckles, with a legacy dating back to 1921, emphasizes impeccable tailoring and ethically sourced materials in their products. Our task was to create an electrical environment that mirrors the brand’s commitment to quality and luxury. The project involved setting up a comprehensive electrical infrastructure, a bespoke commercial lighting system, and establishing a framework for ongoing electrical maintenance, all tailored to highlight the brand’s unique identity and the premium nature of their products.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Infrastructure:
    • Installed a state-of-the-art electrical infrastructure to support the store’s operational needs.
  • Commercial Lighting System:
    • Designed and implemented an advanced lighting system, enhancing product display and the overall shopping experience.
  • Electrical Maintenance:
    • Initiated a regular maintenance program to ensure continuous efficiency and safety of the electrical installations.


Innovative Approach:

This project for Moose Knuckles showcases TDR Electric’s ability to tailor electrical solutions to the specific needs of premium retail brands. Our focus was on delivering an electrical setup that not only meets the functional requirements of a retail space but also complements the luxurious and adventurous spirit of the brand.



The completion of the electrical project for Moose Knuckles represents TDR Electric’s expertise in handling high-end retail installations. Our work has provided Moose Knuckles with a sophisticated, reliable, and efficient electrical setup, contributing to an elegant and engaging shopping environment. This project highlights our commitment to delivering top-tier electrical solutions that align with our clients’ brand values and customer experience goals.

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