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IFLY Indoor Skydiving
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Project Title: Indoor Skydiving Facility Electrical Installation

Project Overview:

TDR Electric is in the midst of an ambitious project, constructing an electrical infrastructure for a cutting-edge indoor skydiving facility. This facility is particularly notable for its enormous power requirements, facilitated by a 2500 KVA outdoor transformer unit. This transformer is crucial, as it steps down power from BC Hydro to a lower voltage suitable for the facility while handling an immense load of about 2500 amps. The power needs are substantial due to the facility housing four massive fans on the roof. These fans blow air down the sides of the building and then up through a central tube, creating a powerful upward air stream that simulates the experience of skydiving.


Key Contributions:

  • Transformer Installation:
    • Installed a 2500 KVA outdoor transformer, a critical component for managing the facility’s high power requirements.
  • Power Distribution System:
    • Developed a robust power distribution system to handle the extreme power needs of the indoor skydiving equipment.
  • Support for Skydiving Simulation Technology:
    • Enabled the operation of large fans and air circulation systems essential for the skydiving simulation, requiring precise and reliable electrical support.


Innovative Approach:

This project is a showcase of TDR Electric’s expertise in handling unique and high-power electrical installations. The indoor skydiving facility poses unusual challenges due to its immense power demands and the sophisticated technology involved in creating a skydiving simulation.



Once completed, this indoor skydiving facility will stand as a testament to TDR Electric’s ability to deliver electrical solutions for highly specialized and technologically advanced projects. Our work ensures that the facility will safely and efficiently provide an exhilarating skydiving experience, highlighting our role in bringing innovative recreational technologies to life.

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