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Burnaby Firehall
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Project Title: Burnaby Fire Hall No. 8 – Progressive Construction through Integrated Project Delivery

Project Overview:

The construction of Burnaby Fire Hall No. 8 represents a significant and innovative project for the City of Burnaby, built from the ground up on a bare plot of land. TDR Electric, in collaboration with Kinetic Construction, Altapro Electric, and WSP as the electrical consultant, embraced the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model for this project. This model marks a departure from traditional tender processes, focusing on a collaborative, team-based approach. All stakeholders, including architects, engineers, general contractors, and sub-trades, were selected through a competitive bidding process and then worked together intensively, planning and executing the project in unison.


Key Contributions:

  • Collaborative Planning and Execution:
    • Actively engaged in the IPD model, contributing to the collaborative planning and construction of the fire hall.
  • Design-Build Approach:
    • Participated in the design-build approach, ensuring the electrical systems were perfectly integrated into the overall design from the beginning.
  • Budget and Schedule Adherence:
    • Worked within the set budget, efficiently managing resources while adhering to the project’s milestones and schedule.


Innovative Approach:

Burnaby Fire Hall No. 8 is a testament to the effectiveness of the IPD model in construction. This approach fostered a cooperative environment among all trades, encouraging constant communication and collaboration, leading to a more streamlined and efficient construction process.



The completion of Burnaby Fire Hall No. 8 demonstrates a successful application of the IPD model, with TDR Electric playing a crucial role in the electrical aspects of the project. The project’s on-schedule progress and adherence to budget constraints highlight the benefits of this progressive construction approach. Burnaby Fire Hall No. 8, alongside its counterpart Fire Hall No. 4, stands as a model of modern, collaborative construction, reflecting a new era in building infrastructure for public services.

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