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Project Title: Stylus Sofas Electrical Design and Build

Project Overview:

TDR Electric has been instrumental in a design-build project for Stylus Sofas, one of Canada’s largest furniture manufacturers, established in 1959. The project encompasses a 10,000 square foot space, involving both of Stylus’ locations in Greater Vancouver, as well as their showrooms in Vancouver and Las Vegas. Our team’s responsibility extended to a comprehensive suite of services, including electrical distribution, low voltage systems, data and communication infrastructure, fire alarm systems, and advanced lighting and controls. A key aspect of this project was applying value engineering principles to optimize functionality and cost-efficiency while catering to the specific needs of a large-scale furniture manufacturer employing over 180 people.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Distribution:
    • Designed and installed a robust electrical distribution system suitable for large-scale manufacturing and showroom facilities.
  • Low Voltage, Data, and Communications Systems:
    • Implemented state-of-the-art low voltage and data/communications systems to ensure seamless operations and connectivity.
  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Installed a comprehensive fire alarm system, prioritizing safety and compliance with industry standards.
  • Lighting and Controls:
    • Custom-designed lighting systems with advanced controls, enhancing both the manufacturing spaces and showrooms’ ambiance and energy efficiency.
  • Value Engineering:
    • Applied value engineering to deliver these solutions efficiently, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality or functionality.


Innovative Approach:

The Stylus Sofas project highlights TDR Electric’s capability to undertake large-scale design-build projects, integrating advanced electrical solutions in a commercial setting. Our approach ensures that all electrical components are meticulously planned and executed to support the diverse needs of furniture manufacturing and showroom display.



The electrical design and build project for Stylus Sofas significantly enhances their operational capabilities across both manufacturing and showroom spaces. Our comprehensive electrical solutions not only facilitate efficient production processes but also contribute to creating inviting showroom environments. This project demonstrates TDR Electric’s proficiency in delivering tailored, high-quality electrical solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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