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Project Title: Pure Building EV Infrastructure Project

Project Overview: 

TDR Electric was commissioned by Pure Building to implement an Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure project. Recognizing the increasing importance of sustainable transportation options, Pure Building sought to integrate a comprehensive EV charging system within their premises. The project involved meticulous planning and execution by TDR Electric to establish a robust and user-friendly EV charging network, catering to the needs of residents and visitors who use electric vehicles.


Key Contributions:

  • EV Charging System Planning:
    • Developed a detailed plan for the installation of EV charging stations, considering the layout and electrical capacity of Pure Building.
  • Installation of EV Charging Infrastructure:
    • Carried out the installation of advanced EV charging stations, providing efficient and reliable charging options.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure:
    • Ensured that the new EV charging system was seamlessly integrated with Pure Building’s current electrical infrastructure, enhancing the property’s functionality without disrupting existing services.


Innovative Approach:

This project underlines TDR Electric’s commitment to supporting environmentally sustainable initiatives. Our approach was centered around delivering a state-of-the-art EV charging solution that is both accessible and efficient, meeting the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure in modern buildings.



The installation of EV infrastructure at Pure Building marks a significant step towards embracing sustainable practices in building management. TDR Electric’s expertise has enabled Pure Building to offer an essential service to its residents and visitors, aligning with the broader move towards eco-friendly transportation. The project showcases our ability to integrate advanced technological solutions into existing properties, furthering our dedication to innovative and sustainable electrical infrastructure projects.

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