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Project Title: Promenade Building Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation

Project Overview:

The Promenade Building Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation project aimed to introduce cutting-edge electric vehicle infrastructure to the facility. Our team undertook the installation of EV charging station wiring, incorporating advanced technology to enable efficient communication, load balancing, and load sharing among 110 EV-ready charging boxes.


Key Features:

  • EV Charging Station Wiring:
    • Executed the installation of comprehensive wiring infrastructure to support Electric Vehicle charging stations throughout the Promenade Building.
  • Rough-in of 110 EV-Ready Charging Boxes:
    • Implemented a robust system by roughing in 110 EV-ready charging boxes to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles within the facility.
  • Junction Boxes:
    • Installed strategically positioned junction boxes to facilitate seamless connectivity and ensure optimal distribution of power to the charging stations.
  • Communication Networking Equipment:
    • Integrated state-of-the-art communication networking equipment to enable communication between all charging stations. This technology facilitates load balancing and load sharing, ensuring an efficient and balanced distribution of electrical load.
  • Load Balancing and Load Sharing:
    • Implemented a sophisticated system that allows the charging stations to communicate with each other, enabling load balancing and load sharing. This ensures an equitable distribution of power, optimizing the overall efficiency of the EV charging infrastructure.


Technological Advancements:

The project leveraged the latest advancements in EV charging technology, ensuring that the infrastructure is not only robust but also equipped with intelligent features to enhance functionality and user experience. The incorporation of communication networking equipment reflects a forward-thinking approach, allowing for adaptability to future technological developments.



The Promenade Building Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation has successfully transformed the facility into a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly space. With 110 EV-ready charging stations equipped with communication capabilities, the project ensures not only the accessibility of charging options but also the optimization of energy usage through load balancing and load sharing.

This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable and forward-looking solutions, addressing the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure while embracing the latest technologies in the field. The Promenade Building now stands as a model for modern, environmentally conscious infrastructure with a focus on cutting-edge electric vehicle charging capabilities.

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