No Limits Motorsports – Squamish
Completed On
August 2018

Project Title: No Limits Motorsports – Squamish Electrical Design and Build

Project Overview:

In August 2018, TDR Electric completed an extensive electrical design and build project for No Limits Motorsports, located in Squamish, BC. Renowned for their top-quality products and exceptional service standards in the powersports industry, No Limits Motorsports required a facility that reflected their commitment to excellence. Our project encompassed a comprehensive electrical infrastructure, a robust commercial electrical system, and ongoing electrical maintenance services. This project aimed to support the dynamic environment of a powersports facility, which includes top brands like Can-Am, Gas-Gas, and KTM, and provides an array of services to ensure hassle-free maintenance of recreational vehicles.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Infrastructure:
    • Developed and installed a tailored electrical infrastructure designed to support the unique needs of a powersports facility.
  • Commercial Electrical System:
    • Implemented a high-performance commercial electrical system to cater to the extensive operational demands of the showroom and service areas.
  • Electrical Maintenance:
    • Provided specialized electrical maintenance services to ensure continuous operational efficiency and safety.


Innovative Approach:

The project at No Limits Motorsports highlights TDR Electric’s ability to deliver bespoke electrical solutions in a retail and service environment. Our approach was to create an electrical system that not only meets the current needs of the facility but also accommodates future expansions and technological advancements.



The completion of the electrical design and build for No Limits Motorsports in Squamish represents a significant achievement for TDR Electric. Our work has enabled the facility to offer a unique buying experience and high-standard services in a safe, efficient, and technologically advanced setting. This project underscores our expertise in providing comprehensive electrical solutions tailored to the specific needs of commercial clients in the retail and service industry.

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