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Project Title: Onni Group Multi-Family Residential Electrical Project – Imperial Landing

Project Overview:

Scheduled for completion in 2023, TDR Electric is currently engaged in a comprehensive electrical project for a multi-family residential development by the Onni Group. This extensive project encompasses a wide range of services, including electrical distribution, lighting and controls, fire alarm systems, data and communications infrastructure, and security enhancements such as door access and CCTV systems. The aim is to equip the residential complex with a full suite of modern electrical and security features, ensuring the safety, comfort, and convenience of its residents.


Key Contributions:

  • Electrical Distribution:
    • Implementing a robust and efficient electrical distribution system throughout the complex.
  • Lighting and Controls:
    • Installing advanced lighting systems with intuitive controls to enhance the living spaces while ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Equipping the development with a comprehensive fire alarm system for enhanced safety.
  • Data and Communications:
    • Setting up state-of-the-art data and communication networks to facilitate seamless connectivity.
  • Security – Door Access:
    • Integrating sophisticated door access systems to ensure secure entry and exit points within the complex.
  • Security – CCTV:
    • Installing a comprehensive CCTV system for round-the-clock surveillance and security.


Innovative Approach:

This project with the Onni Group showcases TDR Electric’s expertise in handling large-scale residential developments. Our approach focuses on integrating advanced electrical and security technologies that cater to the modern needs of a multi-family residential complex.


Expected Results:

Upon completion, the Onni Group project is anticipated to set a benchmark in residential electrical and security solutions. TDR Electric’s work will provide the residents with a safe, efficient, and technologically advanced living environment, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality, integrated solutions in the residential sector. This project is a testament to our ability to meet the evolving electrical and security needs of contemporary residential developments.


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