Smart Home Integration: Discover TDR Electric, Your Nº 1 Partner

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Get the most out of your Smart Home with the specialists. See what we can do for you

In the age of smart living, TDR Electric stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled expertise in the installation and integration of smart devices. From NEST thermostats to Caseta by Lutron and smart home switches, TDR Electric is your trusted partner in transforming your Vancouver home into a smart and connected haven.


Installing NEST Thermostats

As a certified installer of NEST thermostats, TDR Electric brings the power of intelligent temperature control to your fingertips. NEST thermostats learn your preferences, adjusting heating and cooling to optimize energy efficiency. Our team ensures a seamless installation, syncing the thermostat with your home’s heating and cooling systems for a personalized and energy-efficient climate control experience.


Caseta by Lutron: Elevating Lighting Control

Caseta by Lutron is a pioneer in smart lighting solutions, offering a range of products to enhance the ambiance and efficiency of your home. TDR Electric specializes in the installation of Caseta smart dimmers and switches, providing you with the ability to control lighting levels remotely. Set the perfect mood for any occasion with the touch of a button, all orchestrated by the expertise of our skilled technicians.


Smart Home Switches for Intuitive Control

The integration of smart home switches adds another layer of convenience to your living space. TDR Electric brings a wealth of experience in installing smart switches that allow you to control lights, fans, and other connected devices with ease. Our professional installation ensures that these switches seamlessly integrate with your existing electrical systems, offering a new level of intuitive control.


Comprehensive Consultation and Installation Services

Transforming your home into a smart haven begins with a comprehensive consultation. TDR Electric’s team of experts works closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and the unique dynamics of your home. From this foundation, we create a tailored plan for the installation of smart devices, ensuring that each component enhances the functionality and efficiency of your living space.


Future-Proofing Your Home

As technology continues to advance, TDR Electric is committed to future-proofing your home. Our installations are designed to accommodate future upgrades and expansions, ensuring that your smart home evolves seamlessly with technological advancements.

With the digital transformation in full force, TDR Electric is not just a service provider; we are your partner in elevating the intelligence and connectivity of your Vancouver home. When it comes to smart home devices, our expertise ensures that the installation process is smooth, precise, and tailored to your unique preferences. Embrace the future of living with TDR Electric as your guide to a smarter, more connected home.

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