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Electric vehicle purchases have been growing more and more every year, and with those vehicles, come new owners. Being a first-time owner, choosing your type of electric car charger can be a little overwhelming without knowing all the details. TDR Electric has compiled some helpful information and tips to help ease your transition into greener living.

There are two major types of Electric Vehicle Chargers available: Level 1 & Level 2


Level 1, or 120-volt, is the charging cord that comes with every electric car. It has the conventional three-prong plug that goes into any properly grounded wall socket. This charger is the slowest type of charging method that normally will draw no more than 1400 Watts. Although this option will place a lower added load to your panel compared to the Level 2 charger, it will have a drastically slower charging time. This charging cord will test the circuit when you plug it in, to ensure that it’s properly grounded and the current is strong enough to power the charger.


Level 2, or 240-volt, is the most dedicated home and public charging station choice. This charger will be at least twice as fast, often quicker, due to the higher amperage of the circuit, compared to the Level 1 charger. You may be required to install a 240-volt amp outlet in your home, which must be an exact match with your vehicle. The best location for this charger is inside your garage, but can also be installed outdoors, providing you have the correct outlet and protection. Level 2 chargers are the most common throughout public charging stations.


  • Home: Most of recharging is done at home overnight. This is usually when electricity is cheapest.
  • Public Stations: There are now thousands of public charging stations across Canada. You can download Smartphone Apps to help locate your closest charging station!
  • Work: Charging at work is growing in popularity. It’s a great way for businesses to cut down on their carbon footprint.


The Charging Solutions and Incentives Program provides rebates towards the cost of Electric Vehicle charging equipment and provides support services for planning and installing Electric Vehicle chargers.


TDR Electric is the recommended electrical contractor for Tesla Charging Stations in Greater Vancouver. Our team of certified electricians are skilled in the installation of car chargers. We are here to make this a quick and painless process as we know you are excited to get your new car.

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