5 Reasons To Upgrade the Lighting in Your Home

Residential electrical installation

New lighting can completely transform your home. From your bathrooms, to your patio, updating your lighting can have a number of advantages. CREATE AMBIANCE: Every room has a certain mood to it. You can change and define the ambiance of each room with the correct lighting. Take your living room for example, adding a dimmer […]

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric car being charged

Electric vehicle purchases have been growing more and more every year, and with those vehicles, come new owners. Being a first-time owner, choosing your type of electric car charger can be a little overwhelming without knowing all the details. TDR Electric has compiled some helpful information and tips to help ease your transition into greener […]

How To Protect Outdoor Outlets

Residential outdoor electrical installation

Outdoor electrical outlets provide convenient power access for many uses, such as operating power tools, entertainment devices, and lighting your yard. Now that the weather is getting warmer you’ll be more inclined to use these outlets, however failure to properly protect these outlets can do serious damage to your equipment, home, and family. In order […]

Benefits of Security Lighting

Residential security lighting installation

One of the most effective ways of protecting a property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. At one time, it seemed that only commercial premises used this method, but many homeowners have now realized the benefits that security lighting can bring to help keep their homes and families secure. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES […]

Tips For a Safer Home

electric plug being held in front of electric outlet

On any given day, we use several different electrical devices. With these devices being so common we sometimes forget the very real risks and hazards that are associated with them. According to The Electrical Foundation International, electrical incidents cause 43,900 home fires, 1,430 injuries, 438 deaths and result in $1.47 billion of property damage each year. […]

Commercial Sign Repair and Maintenance Tips

Commercial sign lighting repairs

REPAIRING AND MAINTAINING YOUR BUSINESS SIGNAGE Outdoor commercial signage is a important business asset that must be properly serviced to keep up your business professional appearance, ensuring that you have an inviting exterior for new customers. Over the years, storm damage, vandalism, UV light color fading, vehicular impacts, or merely weathering due to extreme seasonal […]

Project Update – Craft Beer Market English Bay


We are super excited to be part of bringing the new Craft Beer Market to English Bay! This will be a great new spot to enjoy a bite and a brew very soon! https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/craft-beer-market-english-bay

How To Inspect Wiring (Without Doing Much Work) Before Buying a Home

Residential electrical installation

Buying a new home can be exciting, but it can also be a prelude to spending money on things you weren’t expecting. From experience, this is typically where a house’s wiring comes up. Not many young homeowners realize the importance of proper electrical wiring in a new home. It might be because electricals (e.g., wires, plugs, outlets, […]

Security and Outdoor Lighting

commercial lighting installation

Safety and security around your home and business is of great importance at TDR. This is why we can help install security and outdoor lighting around your premises to ensure peace of mind and sense of safety around your home and business. What Is It? Security lighting use passive infrared motion sensory to detect any […]

Energy Savings and Cost Reduction

commercial lighting installation

Energy savings and reduced costs are always at the forefront for any business and homeowner. By making small changes to your day to day life, a business can reduce their carbon footprint while saving some money in the future. But where to begin? A great place to start for energy savings and cost reduction is […]

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