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October 2018

Project Title: Top Vision Developments Residential Project – Fairmile Dr.

Project Overview:

Completed in October 2018, TDR Electric played a pivotal role in a comprehensive residential project for Top Vision Developments, covering a substantial area of 15,000 square feet. The scope of this project was extensive, encompassing lighting design and procurement, power installation, low voltage and data wiring, as well as landscape lighting. This project was designed to not only meet the functional needs of a modern residential property but also to enhance its aesthetic appeal and technological capabilities.


Key Contributions:

  • Lighting Design and Procurement:
    • Crafted and implemented a bespoke lighting plan, selecting fixtures and systems that complemented the architectural design while providing efficient illumination.
  • Power Installation:
    • Installed a robust power system, ensuring reliable and safe electrical distribution throughout the property.
  • Low Voltage and Data Wiring:
    • Set up low voltage systems and data wiring, crucial for the integration of smart home technologies and communication systems.
  • Landscape Lighting:
    • Developed and executed a landscape lighting plan, enhancing the outdoor aesthetics and functionality of the property.


Innovative Approach:

The project for Top Vision Developments highlights TDR Electric’s proficiency in handling large-scale residential projects that require a blend of technical expertise and creative design. Our approach was focused on delivering a comprehensive electrical solution that aligned with the client’s vision for a modern, connected, and aesthetically pleasing home.



The completion of the project for Top Vision Developments is a testament to TDR Electric’s ability to deliver high-quality, integrated electrical solutions in the residential sector. Our work has provided the property with a sophisticated electrical system, from interior lighting to landscape aesthetics, enhancing both the functionality and the living experience. This project underscores our commitment to excellence in residential electrical design and installation.


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